Mini Cooper S MK II

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About the Mini Cooper S MK II

The Mini Cooper S MK II was the second generation of the iconic mini car by the British Motor Corporation. They were built between 1967 and 1970 at British and international assembly plants, including: Longbridge, Birmingham, England; Cowley, Oxfordshire, England; Seneffe, Belgium; Arica, Chile; Petone, New Zealand; Setúbal, Portugal; Cape Town, South Africa; Pamplona, Spain; and Novo Mesto, Yugoslavia. It was a worldwide sensation and sold in great numbers.

It was available in various body styles, including a 2-door saloon, 2-door estate, 2-door van and 2-door truck. These small lightweight vehicles were powered by 4-cylinder engines that sat in a transverse position that allowed 80 percent of the floor pan area to be used for passengers and luggage. This made for much more comfort and usability compared to other micro cars.

Powertrain choices included a 848 cc (0.8 l) I4, 998 cc (1.0 l) I4, and a 1,275 cc (1.3 l) I4. They utilized a 4-speed manual transmission. Top speeds were generally from 71 to 77 mph (114 to 124 km/h).

This edition of the Mini Cooper was also marketed by BMC under the names of Austin Mini and the Morris Mini. There were also special editions, which used a slightly longer wheelbase and more luxurious options, call the Wolseley Hornet and Riley Elf. These harkened back to the Riley Sprite and Imp sports cars of the 1930s.

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