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    About the Packard Six

    During the Great Depression, the American automaker Packard was considered to be the height of American luxury brands. The economic downturn in the US made the high-end carmaker adapt to try to survive. They built a series of cars with 6 cylinder engines, which they simply called the “Six” for a model name. These large displacement engines performed well and were less expensive to produce than an 8 cylinder engine. The Six gave more of those who would like the luxury of a Packard to be able to afford their product.

    One edition of note was the 1939 Packard Six 1700. It was propelled by an L-head 6-cylinder engine. It had 245 cubic inch displacement and was rated at 100 horsepower. The wheelbase was longer at 122 inches. It came as a business coupe, club coupe, convertible coupe, station wagon, and 2- and 4-door Touring Sedan.

    It used a 3 speed synchromesh manual transmission controlled by a column mounted gearshift. An optional over-drive was available from the factory. The business coupe originally sold for $890 and the station wagon sold for $1,400. Over 65,000 Six model cars were sold, which accounted for over half of total brand sales.

    The standard Packard Six was eventually replaced, in 1937, with a newer car with a shorter wheelbase. This new 110 inch wheelbase car was called the Packard 110. This new edition sported a 245 cubic inch displacement engine, which produced 245 horsepower.

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