1967-1971 Plymouth GTX

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About the 1967-1971 Plymouth GTX

1967-1971 Plymouth GTX

The GTX was a muscle car built by Plymouth between the years of 1967 and 1971. It was a model variation of the Belvedere line. It is well loved by enthusiasts and collectors because of its 440 Super Commando V-8 or mighty 426 Hemi engine and other performance enhancing features. With its nice trim package, Plymouth called it the “gentleman’s muscle car.”

The GTX had many desirable standard features, such as front and back seatbelts, bucket seats, an energy-absorbing steering column and a heavy duty 727 TorqueFlite automatic transmission. A manual 4-speed transmission was optional, as was 4-wheel disc brakes and a sporty wooden steering wheel. To handle all that power, the suspension used stronger leaf springs, torsion bars, and anti-sway bars.

The Roadrunner was also available at the time and had similar performance in a cheaper package. The GTX had all the options of the Roadrunner and added heavy duty battery, exhaust trumpets, stripes, hood scoops, bucket seats, vinyl trim, heavy duty automatic and suspension, deep-loop carpeting, numerous trim pieces, and the standard 440 with performance cam and bigger valves and ports.

The Roadrunner outsold the GTX by 5 to 1 in US dealerships. However all these nice options have made the GTX prized by muscle car collectors of today. In 1972, the GTX ceased to be its own independent model and was instead rebranded as a trim package for the more popular Roadrunner.

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