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About the Plymouth Superbird

Plymouth Superbird

The short-lived Plymouth Superbird is a legend among classic American cars. Driven by Richard Petty, it was dominant during its short stay in NASCAR. Based on the popular Plymouth Roadrunner, the Superbird was prized for its aerodynamics. The captivating design and motorsport success make the Superbird extremely sought-after today.

There were a variety of engine options, the top of the line option being the 426 cu. inch 7.0L Hemi with two four barrel Carter AFB carburetors, producing 425hp and propelling the car from 0-60mph in 5.5 seconds.

Plymouth produced the Superbird to compete with sister-company-Dodge’s Daytona, which debuted the previous year and was the first American car to be aerodynamically designed using a wind tunnel.

The Superbird was designed specifically to entice Richard Petty, who had previously driven for Plymouth in NASCAR but had since switched to Ford. The ploy worked, Richard Petty raced the Superbird for one year in 1970, winning eight races. However, NASCAR responded to the new breed of aerodynamic race cars with power-to-weight regulations that rendered the Superbird uncompetitive. It was then removed from competition.

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