1948-1965 Porsche 356

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About the 1948-1965 Porsche 356

1948 Porsche 356

The 356 was a small sports car sold by the German automaker Porsche from 1948 until 1965.  Designer Ferdinand “Ferry” Porsche first utilized many of the mechanical parts of the VW Bug, which was designed by his father. The styling, done by Porsche’s Erwin Komenda, was very well-recieved.  The attractive styling and proven-capable mechanicals resulted in great sales figures.  The success of the 356 was integral in the longevity of Porsche as a company.

Throughout the 356’s production run it was offered in both hardtop and convertible form.  There were four evolutions of the 356, the 356 “pre-A”, 356A, 356B, and 356C.  Within these evolutions, there was the Carrera, Super 90, and Speedster.  While they were all stylish, the Speedster became a cultural icon, appearing in a number of films.

Sales peaked in 1957 with the 356 Speedster model.  It had a low, easily-removable windshield, bucket seats, and a 1600 cc, rear-mounted, air cooled Boxer engine, and a 4-speed manual transmission.

Even though the Speedster had less than 100 horsepower, they were extremely fun to drive.  They were light, nimble, and provided a uniquely visceral driving experience.  These cars are highly sought after today, with well-preserved examples fetching anywhere from $300k-$600k at auction.

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