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About the Shelby Cobra

Shelby Cobra

The Shelby Cobra, also known as the AC Shelby Cobra, was a collaboration between British auto design and American power design, pairing a two-seat roadster with a Ford V8 engine.

American auto designer Carroll Shelby wrote to London-based AC Cars asking for a modified body to accept a bigger engine. The very first Shelby Cobra was shipped to the United States, from the UK, arriving on February 2nd, 1962 without an engine and transmission. In less than eight hours of its arrival in Los Angeles, Shelby’s team had the Cobra fully assembled and on the road for a test drive. Two months later, the public got their first look at the Shelby Cobra at the New York Auto Show.

The Shelby Cobra was designed to be a race car. It was stocked with a 260 cubic inch v8 engine, 4-speed manual transmission, and a CSX2000 performance chassis. This small block engine was tuned for high performance. The Shelby Cobra goes 0-60 4.2. It runs the quarter mile in 13.8 seconds reaching 112 mph and it reached a top speed of 153 mph on the back stretch. The Shelby Cobra went on to win U.S. Road Racing Championships in 1963 and 1964 to name a few. This amazing machine was produced intermittently from 1962 – 1967. During that time period, the Cobras skipped having new models made and they were even retired a few times while Ford addressed issues with the main Mustang brand. The popularity of the Cobra repeatedly led to a rebirth of the Cobra.

Due to the Cobras beautiful design and powerful engine, there have been several occasions when there were resurgences in the popularity of the Cobra. In 1993 there was a resurgence in the popularity of the Cobras that drove up the prices way up. Carroll Shelby got caught up in the excitement and attempted to counterfeit forty-three new titles. AC motors was contacted and confirmed that the vin numbers were not those of the actual models. Carroll Shelby eventually admitted that they were frauds. He was not the only one that counterfeited the Cobras during the resurgences. The demand will always be higher than the availability.

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