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About the Sunbeam Tiger

Sunbeam Tiger

Sunbeam motor car company has seen ups and downs in the auto industry in the last 100 years as other innovative companies in the industry.

In 1922 a sunbeam car with a 350hp engine reached a speed of 215.25kph; in 1924 the same car driven by Malcolm Campbell broke the 150mph barrier at 235.22kph. It was a great achievement in those early days and Sunbeam built up a reputation. The car company ran into financial troubles during great depression and was sold to Rootes Brothers. In the auto industry finances matter greatly and an important point is Sunbeam made cars that were made for a different kind of focus. Their cars were targeted to buyers who looked for value and not luxury. For example Sunbeam “Coupe de L’Auto Replica” in 1913 was priced at £425 and a Rolls Royce then cost about £1500.

From 1946 onwards Sunbeam periodically came up with successful models like the Sunbeam Alpine [1953-55] and Sunbeam Tiger [1964-1967]. The Tiger is about the last real sports car made by Sunbeam and collectors are willing to pay the price for a good one.

The car company had its eyes set on various possibilities of the time; one of them being production of aero engines. Most engines ranged from 150hp to 350hp and were quite successful in aircrafts of the time. Aero engine production was later discontinued.

Today there are Sunbeam owner’s clubs all over the world as Sunbeam car club of New Zealand, Sunbeam Alpine Owners Club of America, Sunbeam Rapiers Owners Club, Sunbeam Tiger Club and many others. Sunbeam cars are a favorite with collectors and it’s easy to find parts and get an old model restored if you plan to buy a 50’s or 60’s Sunbeam car.

One Sunbeam car that deserves mention is the Sunbeam 1000hp Mystery “the Slug” which was fitted with an aircraft engine; in fact 2 engines and could hit speeds above 200mph.

Sunbeam today is reinvented into electrical vehicles and solar electricity. Their PowerPorts are a supply of movable electric power. They look to be performing well in patented products in the parts department for car manufacturers. In 2025 a Sunbeam Tiger electric concept car will probably run on the tracks at 160mph to mark 100 years of a Sunbeam land speed record win.

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