1968-70 Triumph GT6

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About the 1968-70 Triumph GT6

1968-70 Triumph GT6

The GT6 was a fastback sports car by British car maker Triumph between 1966 and 1972. This attractive 2-seater car was fun and exciting to drive. A small seat in the back was available as an option, for children to sit in the back seat.

It used a powerful two-liter straight-six engine from the Vitesse. This lightweight car was pushed along with a 95-104 horsepower engine. There were 3 editions the MKI (1966-1968), MKII (1968-1970) and MKIII (1970-1973), with top speeds of 107 mph, 110 mph, and 112 mph, respectively. Zero to 60 speeds were 11.1 sec, 10.5 sec, and 10 sec, respectively.

A common misconception is that its design was based on the Spitfire. It was actually based on a 1963 prototype by designer Giovanni Michelotti when Standard-Triumph executives asked him to style a Spitfire GT to a more aerodynamic shape for racing. The fastback shape of the GT6 was taken directly from the prototype by means of a fiberglass mold.

40,926 GT6 cars were produced over 7 years. Very few have survived and they are considered to be highly collectable. Because it is easy to work on and the parts are fairly inexpensive, the car makes a good restoration project.


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