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The Chicago Car Club is interested in classic cars of all makes and models, especially a TR-3a. We make the process of selling your TR-3a quick and painless. In just a matter of hours we will have your classic valued and, if you do so choose, turned into money in your pocket. All it takes is a phone call or electronic inquiry to get the ball rolling.

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About the TR-3a

The TRA3A is an update of the TRA and was introduced in 1957. The most notable change was the entire new full width radiator grille that gave the TR3A an entirely new and unique facelift. Other noticeable changes were the exterior door handles and the lockable boot that had a full kit. Around 58,236 TR3As were produced and made it the third best-selling model back then. This sports car was also known for its efficient and super braking ability making it a people’s favorite.

Most of the TR3’s original mechanics remained in this new model and this might be the reason as to why the company never named the model officially. It was one of the most successful models in that the original panel molds finally wore out and had to be supplanted with new ones. Later in 1959, the model as improved as with all other cases where raised stampings under the bonnet as well as the boot hinges were introduced. The rear floor section was also redesigned to give this model a much more appealing look. Rather than the Dzus connectors used previously, the windscreen was now attached with bolts.

Only 9500 of the original 58000 models remain to date. You can find this model in modern vintage racing sports despite the model being half a century years old. The model is a favorite vintage sporting model because it could go from zero to sixty mph in 12 seconds with a power of 100bhp at 4800 rpm. It’s fuel consumption is 28 miles per gallon and had a weight of 950 kg.

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