Refer a Classic Car and Get Paid!

Refer a Classic Car and Get Paid!

With Chicago Car Club’s Find and Refer Program, you’ll not only get a “pat on the back” for leading us to a car, you’ll get cash in your pocket the same day we finalize a deal on the car. This exclusive program is much more than just providing a “Finders Fee”, the CCC Finders Program gives you the opportunity to act as a broker, working directly with us to help locate and unearth the best classics around the country. Barn finds, garage finds, or even a rusty old backyard find, CCC wants to make a deal and we will to pay you to lend us a hand.

With each car you refer, the finders fee will increase. The more cars you help us to uncover, the greater the reward. For the true enthusiasts, the guys and gals who spend their time hunting down the “diamonds in the rough” and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, you now have an opportunity to utilize your passion to add a nice little bonus to your income. How many times have you come across an old car or truck rotting away in someone’s yard or garage and thought, “Dang, if only I had the money to rescue that”. Well now you do. You make the discovery, we make the purchase, you get a piece of the pie. It’s that easy. Contact us today!

Please note – we are looking to make off-market deals. While we appreciate the notion of sending Craigslist or Ebay finds our way, please refrain from doing so.

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