Square Car Opulence – Cadillac Interiors of the 70s [PHOTOS]

Square Car Opulence – Cadillac Interiors of the 70s [PHOTOS]

January 1, 2017 / 0 Comments / 4059 / Uncategorized
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The late 1950s through early 1970s were a bright time in automotive interior design, both literally and figuratively.  The intricate patterns and vibrant colors that had defined the interiors of 1950s homes were finding their way into many of America’s luxury coupes. The market for luxury cars was red-hot at the time, with a number of well-equipped and stylistically bold offerings coming from each of America’s top manufacturers. While well-heeled luxury car buyers at the time were spoiled for choice, the cars that really epitomized American opulence were the upmarket offerings from Cadillac.  While the Eldorado, DeVille, and SeVille were all made available with a host of over-the-top interior patterns; the following five images exemplify five of our favorites, Monticello, Metamora, Maharajah, Brocade, and Mosaic.


Monticello Velour:


Maharajah Cloth:


Brocade Cloth/Leather:


Metamora Plaid Cloth:


Mosaic Check Cloth:



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